Send A Gift for Christmas - Your Very Own Lovingly Made Phone Case!

It's a lonely world out there sometimes. Occasionally, at some point in our lives, we like to be alone. mr bean christmasI am instantly reminded of Mr Bean when talking about Christmas and being single. Head getting stuck in a chicken and an episode where he sent himself Christmas cards because no one else would.

If your life is a bit like that with your head not necessarily in a chicken but somewhere else away from everybody. If you're not expecting any presents this year but want to reward yourself, why not create your own phone case online and give the impression that you received a gift.

It's not unknown for people to create fake girlfriends on a Facebook account or even pay to fake your own social life. Yes, there are services online that will make you look as popular as a woman with a big bum, what's her name, Cardigan?

It's quick and easy to create a phone case online these days and we make it even more simple. By using an online interface you can upload images of your friends and family and really celebrate in style, even if they're not with you. I forgot, you don't need friends and family as well do you?

christmas treeGoogle image search is packed full of imaginary friends or you could email people on Facebook asking if you can borrow their mug for your mobile phone. I'm sure they won't mind. You could make the Queen your granny, Elvis your Dad, your Mum could be Barbara Windsor and you could even create fake children, what about one half of the Krankies?

Get a photo editor and import your pictures of your fake partner, so that when you go down the pub on Boxing Day, your story can be shown to be as true as anybody elses. Remember, she went to Australia for a few months but you couldn't leave your job. Show her riding kangaroos and swimming with Sharks. And a little message "I miss you and love you so very much."

We've all been single at some point and probably experienced at least one Christmas alone. Have a laugh about it, create your own phone case for Christmas and personalise your life. You never know, a girl down the pub might feel sorry for you and you'll end up with a real life girlfriend.